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Oct. 26, 2020

#14 In the service of science and scientists - Joanne Kamens running a non-profit

#14 In the service of science and scientists - Joanne Kamens running a non-profit
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Joanne Kamens runs every molecular biologist's favorite non-profit organization, Addgene. They distribute 90,657 plasmids on behalf of 4,366 labs from around the world and to more than 100 countries. Joanne made the journey from an academic research training, through long years of applying her skills in the biotech industry, and now running a non-profit aimed at making research and discovery more streamlined. She shares excellent insights on MUST DO step in the career planning phase of young PhDs and postdocs, shares here views on both the academic and non-academic worlds.   

Aside from the audio interview, Joanne had created a lot of additional content in order to empower career planning with young scientists, all in the links below  


Joanne is also a mentor in many aspects to young and even more established scientists. Links to blogs on Mentoring Group Curricula



In the realm of social activism, Joanne tackles ED&I and help an organization implement proper policies  



https://crosstalk.cell.com/blog/what-makes-work-great https://youtu.be/MjAPwu6GJAo Gender in Science, Science in Gender  

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