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Aug. 2, 2021

#34 Translating scientific thinking and biochem 101 with Daniel Fried

#34 Translating scientific thinking and biochem 101 with Daniel Fried
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Dr. Fried has created a unique initiative to bring high-level science to kids, especially those in elementary school. The program, called Biochemistry Literacy for Kids, uses molecular modeling tools and a unique philosophy of teaching to exceed typical expectations for learning. Elementary school students in the program learn in-depth about topics like protein folding and organic chemistry mechanisms. Several schools around the US have begun using the curriculum as a part of their standard courses, including elementary, junior high, and high schools. Around 500 homeschool families from around the world also use the curriculum as a part of their studies.

We talked about his journey to established this platform, the challenges and pitfalls as well as the strengths and promises. Thinking about making a project come true? This episode is for you!

Daniel Fried is an assistant professor of chemistry at Saint Peter's University in Jersey City. Dr. Fried grew up in New York's Hudson valley and attended SUNY Binghamton. In 2011, he completed a Ph.D. in Chemistry at Yale University in the laboratory of Alanna Schepartz. He then worked as a postdoc at the Weizmann Institute of Science in the laboratory of Ed Bayer.

Website: https://biochemistryliteracyforkids.com/

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